Together, you and The Personnel Consultancy decide on the level of assistance and services you require.

Retained Support Contract

The Retained Support Contract is aimed at businesses and organisations who want to outsource all or part of their HR function.  We will calculate an annual fee based on the number of employees.  In general, small to medium sized organisations find this the most effective way of acquiring our services.  We offer an annual retained support package, based on the needs of your business, that doesn’t tie you in for more than a year.

The Retained Support Contract offers:

  • Unlimited access to our Advisory Service by telephone and email. An advantage of this service is that our clients ring us at the earliest moment to check things out.  This in itself often saves many future problems.
  • Preferential hourly rates dealing with a specific problem, project or training.
  • Practical updates to ensure you are informed of employment legislation changes as and when they apply.

Pay as You Go Service

The Pay as You Go Service offers you the opportunity to discuss issues with The Personnel Consultancy and to agree a fee for a package of work to manage a specific problem or project.

We base our fees on a competitive day rate.  Larger organisations with dedicated HR staff generally prefer to buy our services this way.  In addition, organisations who just want to buy one type of services e.g. project support, training, or temporary assistance/cover for in-house HR staff may want to buy our services in this way.